Reports and Stories of the Forgotten Australians throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.
K Rudd ex PM delivering National apology to the Forgotten Australians and Child Migrants

"...They should be honoured for their experience and given every support they need in order to participate fully in the community of which they are part..."

Speech Senator Gary Humphries on the Forgotten Australians Inquiry.

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This image dedicated to all those abused whilst under Institutional care.

Adele Chynoweth was the co-curator of the National Museum of Australia (NMA) exhibition Inside: Life in Children’s Homes and Institutions, which was the outcome of the recommendation by the 2004 Senate Report, which stated that the NMA should create an exhibition about Forgotten Australians.

In her TEDx Canberra 2013 talk, she speaks about why the Forgotten Australians matter to her and why they should matter to all Australians. Adele, now, as a Visitor at the Centre for Heritage and Museum Studies at the Australian National University continues to write and talk about the importance of understanding and listening to Forgotten Australians.

Wilma has being telling the story of the Forgotten Australians for a very long time, whoever is prepared to listen to her, she tells her story to, the ABC Landline, ACT University and the countless other places where she has been invited to tell her story.

There has been no gain or payments made to Wilma for the time she has spent in front of the camera or a university she does it because she believes she has a story that needs to be told and heard by anyone who is prepared to sit down and listen, below is some of that story, hopefully it will inspire those who wish to make the story of the Forgotten Australians unforgettable.

ANU TV  Manning Clarke House ACT, Wilma's Story

Sue Treweek, Former Peer Leader of the Historical Abuse Network,

Sue Treeweek was one of the first in QLD to raise awareness and support for those living in extremely cluttered and squalled environment’s, Sue’s Knowledge and untapped workforce of genuine people, excellent workers in regard to squalor and hoarding work as well as the ongoing maintenance and skill sharing that happens naturally.

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It is not just the impact that tragic childhood experiences have had for the Forgotten Australians. Their children and families have also felt the impact, which can then flow through to future generations.

Wilma's Story

Adele Chynoweth & the Forgotten Australian's a brief Bio