Reports and Stories of the Forgotten Australians throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

Family Is Everthing

Family is the world to me

In your lifetime,

You only have one family.

They would do everthing for you,

Love and protect you.

Family is the most precious thing

in the world.

So cherish it as much as you can.

Because they don’t live forever

Just a short time

So don’t think “whatever”

I love my family

Family of mine.

by missa

A friend gives




A friend is honest,

A friend is true,

A friend is preciuos,

A friend is you.

by Silawet

Who am I








by Silawet

Remember them those poor souls

Today I sit and wonder what became of them, those poor souls I left behind.

A deep sadness fills my soul.

Their bodies racked by illnesses confusing to some.

Their pain can’t be seen only heard through their cries for help.

The uncertainty to what is real; a deep fear dismissed, no logic found by those in charge.

Still these people feel the pain no rest for them those poor souls.

An act of ignorance papers are signed another poor soul loses their rights.

Abused and dehumanized in the name of therapy their worst fears are realized.

Not knowing any different they settle in to a life of pain and uncertainty no mercy for them those poor souls.

Awake again the daily ritual begins, the turn of a key their here again, who this shift, will they be cruel or kind, showered and dressed wait to eat pills to take before you eat.

The drugs take hold the voices are silent for awhile, reality strikes as for a brief moment they remember what once was their life as the memories flood in, tears well in their eyes as they wonder what is happening to them, and for those who have never known different they wonder why were born not right.

Cruel words spoken sink to their soul those they trust hardest of all, told they are unacceptable till they can bear it no more succumb to the pain you know you must, sent away from societies eyes, stay away you must.

Their silent screams for understanding and acceptance fall on deaf ears only those innocents that watch their suffering yet have no power, hear their screams and remember them.

In dreams and on the wind they hear and understand those poor souls and will never forget.

The turn of a key their back again what today when will death come for me.

For some death does come like an angel in the night, swept away on the wings of an angel they feel no more pain.

Accepted now for who they are at peace within no fear, the confusion is gone.

Shame on those trusted to care, forget them not, those poor souls.

by Sue Treeweek

Say no more

Our minds are forever amused

Yet every day we learn something new

If we speak our minds sometimes we are not amused

Is it better to keep our thoughts in lieu

The truth never hurts we are told

But if we speak our minds, we may ignore

Pardon us if we should be so bold

Would it be better if we say no more?

by Bazzah

To be a Forgotten Australians

To be forgotten, abandoned and clear forgot,

To feel alone, cast aside rejected and dropped.

To be abused, neglected and then abused again,

To feel tormented, shameful, deserted with constant fear and pain.

To even now not be able to sleep in the dark,

To flinch when approached by anybody too fast.

To dream of memories anguish every night,

To live with a sorrow that lasts.

To hear an apology from an uniformed/uninterested politician,

To have it mean less, than nothing to you.

To have lived the years as a ‘ward of the state’,

To have survived and got through has not been easy to do.

To have been shown no direction in life,

To have never felt love, or care.

To have to live in constant unnecessary fear

Simply is not fair for any human being to have to bear.

by AMG

Whats left of shattered dreams

As a child we dream of years to come with innocence and a sense we can.

An astronaut will I be, a doctor, nurse, teacher, Ill climb the highest mountains.

Or a general in charge of a war

Or a ballerina a great dancer or maybe a mother that cares

All to soon we learn we can’t, as our dreams are stripped from us one by one,

Left with what could have been if dealt a different lot.

Trying to dream the child has forgotten how,

What a shame is what we hear, that child could have been.

The ones who lived there dreams are now the ones who destroy,

Feeding on the child as does the ravenous beast to its prey,

As dignity and innocence are replaced by fear and humility,

The child learns from those told to care, how worthless they truly are

As they endure the horrors dealt out to them their soul shudders at more to come and their dreams turn into nightmares relived day after day

No harm done the child will forget, we will rehabilitate it

As they rehabilitate what they cannot see and fear to be to be true.

More dreams die, till soon the child fears to dream and is lost,

As those who have the power wonder why.

The child grows and wonders what could have been.

Now an adult their dreams are new but tainted by the child within.

They dream of simple things now, like getting through one more day.

Nothing sooths there soul as they prey for death their only friend.

Some did not give in, they still struggle to dream, only now there dreams are of a better life, a life of peace and fullness they have never known,

They refuse to give in fighting for their lives they believe they can.

To their graves they take there dreams some never knowing how close they came.

Forgotten by those who stole their dreams, passed of as a mistake made so many years before by those told to care

No remorse for the devastation caused.

by Sue Treeweek


It is not just the impact that tragic childhood experiences have had for the Forgotten Australians. Their children and families have also felt the impact, which can then flow through to future generations.

Many stories have been written about the Forgotten Australians, some by scribes that have not walked in the shoes of the Forgotten Australians. Some are fortunate enough to tell it how it was, many try to tell why it was.

The Forgotten Australian story is about how it was, the question of why only allows for the treatment of children to be excused which many Forgotten Australians will say it is so far from the HOW.

August 2004 we saw the tabling of the Forgotten Australians report, the senate committee read and also heard many graphic and disturbing accounts children received whilst in out-of-home care. Emotional, sexual and often criminal physical abuse, these Forgotten Australians showed extroardinary strength putting their stories on record,  there were stories of neglect, deprivation of food, education, healthcare and  of humiliation. The treatment of Children whilst in state care was not just in one state it was rampant right throughout Australia.

The Institution for Boys Tamworth opened in 1947 designed to accommodate boys who absconded or misbehaved, soon was to become known as the most feared institution in Australia. Several former inmates of the institution grew into the country's most notorious criminals, including murderers Kevin Crump and James Finch,  1939 Child Welfare Act empowered the government of the day to establish schools and shelters only, Tamworth didn't for reason we will never know, was founded as an institution for boys.

A list of more than 35 violent deaths across Australia linked to former Tamworth inmates was compiled by the ABC under a Freedom of Information request, a question for state of NSW does it except responsibility for the damage and monsters it created at Tamworth Boys Home.

The number of orphanages and institutions where children were abused is endless, St Joseph’s Neerkol (Childrens Memorial Garden), Daruk Boys Home, Box Hill Salvation Army, Tally Ho, Bindoon, Hay Girls Gaol, Parramatta Girls, St Joseph’s Home Sebastopool, Nazareth Girls Home Ballarat, Winlaton Girls , Wolston Park Brisbane, these are just some that come to mind, we pray society will ensure the abuse of children comes to an end

This image dedicated to all those abused whilst under Institutional care.


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